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Free Clash of Clans Accounts – Usernames with Passwords – Updated Version

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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games nowadays, and we are offering free Clash of Clans accounts with gems. All the account information we provide are completely legal and safe to use. You can find the usernames and passwords for free Clash of Clans accounts at the end of this page. You can use which username and password you would like to use. If the account information seems to not work, it is most probably because someone else used that information before you did.

 You can try a new username and password or come back again to this page to see renewed usernames and passwords since we frequently renew them. here is a hack for you; we hid one extra username and password in somewhere in this article for only those who will read the whole text. You can read this article to have access to the hidden username and password and increase your chances of getting a free Clash of Clans account.

Why use free Clash of Clans accounts we provide?

You might be wondering why you should use the free Clash of Clans accounts we provide. The answer for this question consists from two part. One is that Clash of Clans is a really good and entertaining game that is worth playing. The second part is that, the accounts we provide has gems in them, which is the currency in Clash of Clans that allows you to purchase items from the shop. Items make Clash of Clans more entertaining. Both parts will be explained in the following headings.

Limitless fun at all times

One reason why Clash of Clans is a great game is the limitless fun it offers to you. the main aim of all games is to entertain its users, and Clash of Clans is ready to give you more entertainment than you asked. Ongoing adrenaline in Clash of Clans allows you to keep the excitement up at all times and will be a great time killer.

Defend your base like a true champion

The main purpose of Clash of Clans is creating a base through forts and defend it from invaders and their clans. While doing this, you will also need to invade others’ clans and raid the base of your opponents to gain success and begin again this process from the start. If you log out, this means that you will leave your base naked for your opponents and lose.

Create and build your village as you want

Clash of Clans is not all about fighting against your opponents. You will also have a space for creativity. You need to create your virtual village to protect. You need to be strategic and wise while building your virtual village since it needs to be optimal to avoid losing. You will need to use a lot of mental processes to decide on the best strategy and calculate the risks.

Double the fun with Gems

As mentioned earlier, gems are the currency in Clash of Clans. This means that you can buy Gems in Clash of Clans with real money to purchase items on the game. When you first start the game, Clash of Clans will give you 500 Gems as a starter, and 250 of those Gems are required to be used in the tutorial. There are many things you can buy with gems in the free Clash of Clans account we provide, listed as follows:

  • Resources like Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir
  • Requesting Clan Castle troops
  • Recovering
  • Purchasing Magic Items
  • Activate Clock Tower
  • Name change
  • Speed up training queues

Analyzing and mental task skills

Even though mobile games are seen as a waste of time that are not beneficial other than killing time, Clash of Clans is more than that. There is an aim you need to focus on, which is winning the game by building a strategy. This would not happen without a proper planning and teamwork. So, a free Clash of Clans account is a wonderful tool to work on those planning and strategy skills by forcing to use different mental task methods.

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Awesome Events to attend

Another cool feature of having a free Clash of Clans account is the events. what makes events so special is that they are offered for a limited amount of time, and there will be different situations than the game you are used to. You can train troops during those events and enchant your game playing experience. those events include season challenges as well. Season challenges are required to complete in-game, and players would earn rewards. Those rewards have different levels, including silver and gold.

Learning to play

As we mentioned many times earlier, Clash of Clans is a strategy game in which you need to have a plan. Everything might sound super complicated at the beginning. But the more you play, you will be exploring the game better, which will result in a better gaming experience. You will feel a lot better and entertain a lot more as you see how your skills develop in Clash of Clans.

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    Thank you very much for the free Clash Of Clans accounts. I tried the accounts and they all work. Among them, I bought the one with the town hall TH 13.

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