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Free Chegg Accounts – Current Accounts!

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If you have been looking for a way to use Chegg, but the pricing made you doubt, you can learn the free ways of getting Chegg by reading this article. There are completely legal ways of using Chegg, and we are here to tell you all about them. It is safe to say that all the methods we provide are legal, and you can use them.

Anyone who had been in school by any means knows how challenging and tedious homework and assignments can be. No matter what you are going through, there will be at least one assignment deadline getting closer to you when you are at school. Often people wish if there were someone to help them, but not always you can find a friend that would detailly explain everything about the assignment. Chegg is ready to be that friend, in fact, more than that friend. Chegg is a platform where you can find solutions from textbooks, and it offers online tutoring.

School is not always easy, and it is completely normal to get help while doing so. Chegg is a platform that is subscription-based, meaning that you need to pay a certain amount to be able to use it. Here you can learn about Chegg and how to have a free account, and why you need to have a free Chegg account.

Why should you have a Chegg account?

Chegg can be a very useful platform that will help you a lot when it comes to learning materials in your textbook. Chegg includes a database that has over 20.000 high-school, college, and university textbooks. As you may already know, many courses are taught based on a chosen textbook, so all the material that you will be assessed from those textbooks. You may not always have the time to ask your teacher or friends about the subject you are learning, and Chegg is great because it will be there for you at all times. Let’s take a closer look at why Chegg is an awesome platform and why you should use the free accounts.

Learning made easy

Big textbooks, big problems, and you are stuck. It is completely normal to feel stuck and helpless while doing your assignments. Textbooks can be very tedious sometimes. The material you studied and the questions asked by your teacher can sometimes be completely irrelevant, and you might be struggling. If you want a helper that would explain questions to you in the best way possible, Chegg is the platform you needed all along.

As mentioned earlier, Chegg’s database comprises over 20.000 textbooks that are widely used in high schools, colleges, and universities. This means that the answer to the question that you have been looking for for the last three hours can be on Chegg. You can see the step-by-step explanation of the questions. You will never see just the example on Chegg. There will always be a detailed explanation. Even the computations will have explanations.

The fastest way of getting help

It is a Sunday night, it’s 11:00 PM, and you have to submit the assignment that you did not even start on 12:00 PM. This is a nightmare for many students, but no one can say that they never procrastinated in their whole life. The thing is, students need urgent help sometimes. This does not have to be solely from procrastination. Perhaps you forgot that you had an assignment until it’s too late. With Chegg, this situation will no longer be your worst nightmare.

It can be too late to wait for a mail from your teacher to clarify a point you did not understand, but it is never too late to check Chegg. In addition to finding solutions to your questions, you can check whether if your answer is right or wrong.

Do not stick with one solution

There are situations where there is more than one answer to a question, and there are situations where you can find the same solution in different ways. With Chegg, you do not have to stick to one way of solving your problems and finding answers to your assignments. You can see different options to solve a problem or answer a question and choose the one that you understand the best. Besides, seeing different options will allow you to understand the subject better.

Get your solutions 24/7

As mentioned earlier, you can find the answers to your questions 24/7. But the thing is the question that you need the answer to might not always be available on Chegg. Teachers can come up with all kinds of unique questions, and there is no way of including every single of them in one platform. Chegg has a solution for this. There are online tutors, both professionals, and enthusiasts about the subject, waiting for you to send a question. With Chegg, the unique question that your teacher asked you can be answered professionally in thirty minutes. It is the best use of the internet.

Online Library

Chegg is not all about answering questions and helping with homework. Chegg is a platform aimed to make learning processes easier, and there are many ways of doing so. You can rent the book you want from Chegg’s database, and the book will be accessible by you in seven days. The library includes so many books and education-related materials. You can definitely find something that would be beneficial for you.

Finding the book that you need can be challenging and tedious. It is highly recommended to check Chegg’s online library before giving up. Chegg has one of the richest online library databases in comparison to other learning websites. There is a high chance of you to find the book you have been looking for.

Practice makes perfect

With the newest updates, Chegg now has a practice feature. If you were studying hard and want to strengthen your memory by practicing, you can use the practice section of Chegg. Chegg offers many practice questions that can help you through your learning process. The practice questions are designed to optimize the learning process, and they can be your best friend before a very important exam of yours.

Reliable and ethical

One of the biggest discussions about Chegg is if it’s reliable and ethical to use. Chegg is reliable and ethical, but the intention of the user makes the platform this questionable. Chegg is a platform designed to help with the learning of the school material. However, some students use Chegg to copy homework and exam answers. The purpose of Chegg is nothing like this. Chegg was designed to help you through a difficult homework question. You should not copy and paste your answers from Chegg by any means.

How to have a free Chegg account

Now that you know what Chegg is and what its features are, let’s talk about how you can have a Chegg account for free. Chegg is a great platform, but the fee might be a little bit pricey, especially for students.

Use someone else’s account

The perfect way of having a Chegg account for free would be using someone else’s login information. There is nothing stopping you from asking for a friend who purchased Chegg and uses it with them. Chegg allows two devices to log in to the same device simultaneously. This means that two people can use the same Chegg account at the same time without any problems. You should give it a try.

Share an account with someone

Even though using someone else’s account sounds like a great deal, they might not be willing to give you the login information for free. In this case, you can ask them to split the bill. This way, both of you will be able to benefit from the wonders of the Chegg at a reduced price. It is a win-win situation.

Reddit and Quora

If you do not have a friend or a family member who has a Chegg account, you can always use the power of social media. You can post your question on Reddit and/or Quora and ask if someone that has a Chegg account can check the answer for you. There are many people doing this and getting their answers from Chegg for free.

Online coupons

If you are following influencers or YouTube channels focused on education and academic life, you should have seen their giveaways and online coupons about platforms like Chegg. You can start to subscribe to hose channels and influencers to be kept in touch with them. You can use the free trial coupons and participate in giveaways for Chegg accounts. It is a great way to have a free Chegg account.

Subscription Plans of Chegg

There are two different subscription plans available on Chegg. The first subscription plan is Chegg Study, available for 14.95 USD per month. The other one is Chegg Study Pack, available for 19.95 USD per month. Chegg Study only includes a homework help option where you can find the textbook solutions and ask questions to professionals. Chegg Study Pack, on the other hand, includes other features such as math help, writing help, quizzes, and exam help.

The math help feature is pretty self-explanatory, but in the most basic terms, you will have a detailed explanation step by step on the subject or the math question that you need the answer for. Writing help will detect grammar mistakes, plagiarism, and delivery problems in your writing. Lastly, quiz and exam help will be all about preparing you for big (or small) exams in the most efficient way.

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