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Free Spotify Premium Accounts – 2024 List

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Are you looking for a way to have a free Spotify premium accounts? Here on this page, you can find completely legal ways of having a Spotify premium account for free. In this article, all the legal ways of obtaining a Spotify premium account for free are detailly described. You can pick one (or more to continue to use free Spotify premium account for longer).

Spotify is one of the most popular music platforms nowadays, if not the most popular one. It is the number one app that people prefer when they want to listen to music. Besides, Spotify offers so much more than just music. There are various features of Spotify and especially Spotify premium that makes it an app worth downloading. In this article, you can find the ways of having a free Spotify premium and all the cool things that make you need to have a free Spotify premium accounts.

Why should you have a free Spotify premium account?

With that being said, you might be wondering why you should use the methods of having a free Spotify premium accounts with the ways we offer. If you used Spotify premium earlier, you might already know some of those features. However, there are still some kinds of stuff that you might be unfamiliar with since there are a lot of things to explore on Spotify premium. If you have never used Spotify premium, you must read the following reasons to see what you will have by using the methods we describe to have a free Spotify Premium accounts.

Listen whatever you want with unlimited skips

One of the features of Spotify premium that makes you need to have a Spotify premium account is the unlimited skips feature. The free version of Spotify only allows three skips per day, and after that, you cannot skip, and you have to listen to whatever is next on the shuffle of your playlist. The music listening experience on Spotify is great but listening to whatever you want is an important thing to enjoy music. You would not want to listen to a sad song when you are in the mood for partying. You need to have Spotify premium on finding the best music for your mood at any given time.

No ads, just music

Another important feature of Spotify premium that makes it a great deal is the ad-free feature. Regular Spotify account includes ads. You would not want to get interrupted by an ad when you just started to vibe with the music. Your attention span can get corrupted, and you would not want to listen to ads between music. With your Spotify premium account, listening to music will only be listening to music with c, no ads involved.

Listen everywhere, at all times

Bus rides, plane travels, long walks… These all are places where you would love to have access to your favorite music. But not always will you have an internet connection with you. Another thing is that listening to music with your mobile data may spend too much of your internet, and you would not want this. With Spotify premium, you can download your favorite playlists and music to your devices and listen to them without an internet connection.


As mentioned earlier, there is more on Spotify than great music. Yes, music is what Spotify is known for, but the value of podcasts on Spotify cannot be overlooked. There are thousands of Podcasts in every language and every subject on Spotify that you may love. You can listen to podcasts about language learning, self-care, meditation, short stories, and so many more things. Podcasts are great tools to spend time with, and you can download episodes with Spotify premium. This way, you will have access to the podcasts you want to listen to at any given time.

Another cool thing about podcasts in Spotify is that you can create your own podcast. Everything you need is a Spotify account and something to share with people. It is a great platform to spread your ideas and connect with people.

High-quality music

Another thing you will have with a Spotify premium account is high-quality music. The quality of the music that you are listening to is a great predictor of your experience’s quality. Nobody likes to listen to low-quality music. With Spotify premium, you will only listen to high-quality music.

Special playlists for you

If you love exploring new music or you get bored from listening to the same stuff over and over again, this feature of Spotify is for you. As you use Spotify, Spotify will have an idea about what kind of music you like, which artists you listen to the most, and what other kind of music you might like according to that information. You can find many playlists created for you.

As most people do, you are probably listening to ng different genres of music. Spotify creates different playlists for every genre you listen to. You can find those playlists on your main Spotify menu and start listening.

Another cool thing is that each year, Spotify creates a playlist that has 100 songs. Those songs are the songs that you listen to the most in one year. You can go back and have déjà vu feelings.

Having a Free Spotify Premium Account – Start your Free Trial

The best way of having a free Spotify premium accounts is by starting your free trial(s). Spotify is very generous about free trials, so you will be able to enjoy it long enough. All different plans have different features, and you can benefit from the plan you choose on your free trial. Here is how to start your free trial, step by step described.

  1. Go to and press “get 3 months free.”
  • Pick the premium plan you want to try. You can choose the individual plan, duo plan, family plan, or student plan.
  • If you already have a Spotify account, log in with your information. If you do not have one, create one quickly. You will need an e-mail address that you have access to create an account.
  • Add a payment method, and you are done. You can use PayPal to pay or add a credit card. If you do not want to pay after your free trial is over, do not forget to cancel it before your one month expires. (The trial period is 3 months for an only individual plan. All other premium plans’ free trial period is 1 month).

Spotify Premium Plans and Features

Spotify has different premium plans with different features. All of those plans have free trial options. Choose the one you like and start your free trial.

  • Individual Plan: You can enjoy all the premium features of Spotify on your own. 3 months trial option.
  • Duo Plan: A plan that includes all the premium features, but two people can benefit from it for a reduced price. Besides, you can enjoy a playlist created just for the two of you. One month trial option
  • Family Plan: Include all your family members under one Spotify premium account for a reduced price. Enjoy a family mix playlist created based on the people using your family Spotify premium account. You can block explicit music if you have children using your family plan, with access to a special app named “Spotify Kids.” 1-month free trial option.
  • Student Plan: Reduced price with all the features of Spotify premium. Comes with an addition of an ad-supported Hulu plan and access to SHOWTIME Streaming Service. 1-month free trial option.


Other ways of having a Spotify premium account for free

There are several other ways to have a free Spotify premium accounts, which will be described in detail shortly. It is safe to say one more time that all the methods we describe here are legal.

Use someone else’s account

The first and most common way of having a free Spotify premium account is using someone else’s account. If you have someone else that is willing to share their account with you, then you can have a free Spotify premium accounts. But keep in mind that two of you cannot use Spotify premium simultaneously.


Use different e-mails to continue your free trial

There are no limits on e-mail addresses you can have, so what is stopping you from having another free trial with another e-mail address? You can lengthen the months you have with Spotify premium with different e-mail addresses. The more e-mail address you have, the more you will use Spotify’s premium free trial. You can ask your friends and family to use their e-mail addresses after you run out from yours.

Join someone else’s family plan

As mentioned earlier, Spotify’s family premium plan includes up to 6 people. You can find someone who has a family plan that has less than six people in it. Either way, they will pay the same price with an extra place on their Spotify premium. Being a part of that Spotify premium plan would not hurt anyone. You can ask this as a favor and participate in their plan.

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