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Free Xbox Accounts: The Best Entertainment Tool Ever!

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Xbox is one of the most popular entertainment tools, if it is not already the most popular one, and we are here to share free Xbox accounts with you. All the free accounts we provide are one hundred percent legal and safe to use. You can find the usernames and passwords at the end of this page. If the username and password you are trying to use are not working, you can simply try another one or come back to this page after a short while since we frequently renew them. If you do not want to encounter such a situation, you can read the whole text and find the hidden username and password for only those who will read the whole text.

If you know anything about gaming consoles, you should be knowledgeable about Xbox as well since it is one of the most popular ones. Xbox is a gaming console presented to us by Microsoft, and it is very much loved and used among all age groups. There are many things you can do with an Xbox account. We will talk about why having an Xbox account is a great thing and why you should have one as well.

Why use the free Xbox accounts we offer?

An Xbox account welcomes you to the wonderland of gaming consoles. There are many cool features of Xbox accounts, and each of them is a reason to use the free Xbox accounts we offer.

Connect to Xbox to start having fun!

First things first, an Xbox account is a necessity to connect to your Xbox console through supported devices. Without an Xbox account, you will not be able to play any games since you cannot connect to Xbox without it. With the free Xbox accounts we provide, you can always stay connected to your Xbox gaming console.

Create your Xbox profile as you imagine

Another thing to do with an Xbox account is to create a profile. You can use the free Xbox accounts we provide to create the profile you are dreaming in the best way possible. You can have a Gamertag or an avatar in the way you want. Your avatar can look like what you want it to look like. You will use your profile to find your friends and add them to your Xbox account. Additionally, the Xbox settings will be here as well.

Socialize with like-minded people and find friends

Your free Xbox account is a great way to socialize. You can add your friends through your Xbox account and see what they are playing on Xbox. You can also share your game clips with them to show all the cool tricks you can do and play games with them. You can also chat with your friends through your Xbox account.

Share your success and fun memories

Another great feature of using the free Xbox accounts is that you can share lots of things with people, and they do not necessarily need to have an Xbox account themselves. As mentioned earlier, you can share anything with your friends on Xbox, but there is more. You can share the cool moments of your games on social media or with any other means you would like it to share.

Talk with Artificial Intelligence of Xbox

Perhaps the coolest thing you can do with your free Xbox account is to talk with Xbox’s artificial intelligence, Cortana. You can communicate with Cortana through your headset microphone. All you need to do is saying “Hey Cortana!” and she will start listening. If you do not want to use your controller or if using a controller is inconvenient at that time, Cortana will be ready to help you in whichever action you want to take. For example, you can tell Cortana to record your game or close the game as well as open applications and different platforms.

Mobile app: Improve your Xbox experience

If you are using the free Xbox accounts we provide, you should use the mobile app for sure. Xbox has a great mobile app that is easy to use and would help you a lot. With the mobile app, you can see what is going on in your Xbox gaming console. You can track which friends of yours in Xbox are online, see all the achievements of yours in different games, and talk with your friends.

There is more than that on the mobile app. The mobile app of Xbox is a great tool to find like-minded people since you can find clubs and groups about specific games. If you are obsessed with a game on Xbox, you can find a group chat, or a club dedicated to that specific game only. You can talk and discuss the game and even play those games with other members of the group chat.

Follow and add people for limitless fun

Your friends might not be available all the time to hang out with you on Xbox. However, you can basically ad everyone you see on Xbox if they want to add you back. If they do not add you back, you can only follow them and see what they are doing on their gaming console. There are many Xbox Live celebrities to follow on Xbox.

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