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Free YouTube Premium Accounts – New Lists!

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Hello! Today we will talk about how you can get a free YouTube Premium membership so you can use the little-known features of Youtube, the largest and most used digital video content delivery service in the world.

Founded in 2005, Youtube, with its great success, increased its value to the level of 1 billion dollars in just one year and was bought by Google. With the acquisition of YouTube, one of the most sensational company acquisitions in the technology and internet world, by Google, Google’s weight on the internet has increased even more.

With more than 2 billion users as of 2020, YouTube is the most visited website in the world after Google’s search page. Like many content published on the Internet, many content, especially music videos published on Youtube, brought along copyright discussions, and Youtube launched the paid music service YouTube Music in 2014. Today, there are more than 1.5 billion videos on YouTube. And every second this second is increasing. 2019 revenue is over $15 billion, and a significant portion of this revenue comes from advertisements.

The YouTube Music service, which was reorganized in 2018, changed its name to Premium and started to offer the following services to its users;

• The ability to watch and listen to music and videos without being interrupted by any advertisements.

• Continuing to play video/music even if YouTube app on mobile phone or tablet goes into background.

• Downloading videos to devices so that they can be watched in non-internet environments.

• Access to “YouTube Originals” content specially produced by Youtube.

Among these seemingly simple features, especially the fact that the YouTube application continues to work even in the background and the ads have completely disappeared, many people want to get a free YouTube Premium account.

With the YouTube Premium free account list you can find below, we will explain how you, AccountsUS visitors, can have a free YouTube Premium account.

Free YouTube Premium Accounts have increased their popularity even more in 2024. One of the most important reasons for this is Google’s large investments in “YouTube Originals” content and effective measures have been developed against plug-ins and applications that prevent the display of advertisements. YouTube Premium does not include Google’s other paid services such as G Suite.

How to Get Free YouTube Premium Account?

Since the free YouTube Premium membership is defined for the accounts in use, we will share the user and password for a new Google account with you in the Youtube Premium free account list below. If you have an existing account, the only way to turn it into a free YouTube Premium account is with timed gift vouchers. After logging in to Google with your new account, you can switch between your accounts from the pane with your profile photo at the top right of any Google application.

Or, if you’re afraid of confusion, you can use two different browsers, one with your regular account and the other with your free YouTube Premium account.

Since YouTube Premium is a monthly subscription system, usernames and passwords included in the YouTube Premium free account list also have limited-time memberships. If the YouTube Premium free accounts you have used expires, you can contact us using the contact form below, or you can choose a new YouTube Premium free account for yourself and start using it, as the YouTube Premium free account list will remain live throughout 2024.

Free YouTube Premium Accounts are accounts acquired in 2024. And it’s all completely legal. While obtaining the accounts, no illegal methods, infiltration, account hacking or password stealing were used. You can use your free Youtube Premium account with peace of mind until the membership expires, you can access all the special content offered by Google, you can enjoy videos and music without dealing with advertisements. You can also access Google’s huge music library and download it to your computer, phone or tablet to enjoy videos and music even when not connected to the internet.

The YouTube Premium free account list will be constantly updated in 2024. However, if the username and passwords you try still give an error and do not work, it probably means that they were taken by another user who visited AccountsUS and his password was changed.

In such cases, you can wait for the list to be updated again or contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page and request a username and password for a free YouTube Premium account. Our friends will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why YouTube? What Makes YouTube So Special?

Like Google itself, YouTube has more market share and users in its industry than its competitors combined. Currently, the first platform that comes to mind when “watching videos on the internet” is YouTube, and it has endless content from car repair to computer programming, from wedding videos to sports competitions, from recipes to chemistry lessons.

It has become the platform most preferred by the audience in terms of its simple interface, supporting 4K videos, broadcasting the clips of many musicians on YouTube for the first time, enabling current journalism and telling how big events look from the eyes of the public. This development attracted content developers to YouTube in order to get a share of AdSense revenues, and with more content attracting more users, the success story we witness today emerged.

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